Connects Alumni Experience

Xenia Martinez, from Limon, Costa Rica

Undoubtedly the best part of the program was the warmth of the staff, teachers, and guest instructors, who were able to transmit the knowledge in a timely and polite manner. Through each session, I was able to feel that I had a better understanding of how STEM works, and I was able to dig deeper into myself to find, with the help of the instructors, the right path to success in my area of interest. The program was way too inspiring, I consider that it marked a “before” and “after” in my life.

At the time the program started, I was going through a stage where I felt lost and confused about the direction of my academic and personal life. That is why, seeing how it changed the reality that I thought was endless, I gained the strength to set bigger goals in my academic and personal life, knowing that it is not the time to give up because a fall is an experience, not failure. 

I believe that with that mentality, I am a stronger and more successful student because now I have what I need to make my goals a reality.

Words of Advice for Future Students

People sometimes tend to be closed-minded, going only after what we think will be helpful for our lives. However, the least thought experiences bring life lessons for us. Join this program, because even if you expect a certain result, you will get another one, and that will make you grow. One way or another, what you need in your life, will come to you in the smallest things, like this short program. Give it a chance.

Juan Carlos Villarreal Luna, from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

I consider that this program made an important change in me, now I feel more confident about my abilities, knowing that I can interact correctly with successful people who speak a different language than my native language makes me feel much more confident, I feel prepared for new challenges in my life as a student.

Words of Advice for Future Students

Apply, because this is a great opportunity that will help them to take away their fears, to know themselves better, to identify their interests, skills and to develop new opportunities, it will also allow them to have a better and clearer idea about what a university is, the career they want to study, to choose more easily where they want to study and what they need to do to achieve it, this will give them a clear vision of how their future can be.

Sandra Lizeth Chilón Tucto, from Cajamarca, Peru

The program was an unforgettable experience for me because I was able to improve my English language skills while participating. Also, the instructors and students were very encouraging and motivated me to keep wanting to learn more. Without a doubt, it was a nice place to get to know myself and others better.

Words of Advice for Future Students

I would encourage you to participate in this unforgettable and above all very useful experience to learn about universities in the United States, as well as to identify your skills and how to use them for the good of society and the advancement of science. On the other hand, participate with a lot of encouragement to get the most out of the program.

Yağmur Önel, from Guzelbahce, Izmir, Turkey

Words of Advice for Future Students

Students passionate about the STEM area and excited not only to explore their abilities and interests but also to learn their possible career options should participate in this program. In my opinion if students have the opportunity to attend in-person they should consider that option, if not they can also attend to the amazing online experience.

Judan Joseph, from Dennery, St. Lucia

This program changed my life in every way possible, especially seeing the world from a different angle. The exposure at this age allowed me to out do myself. To become a more disciplined student. It was also an eye opener for me as to how I was able to meet deadlines and to work under pressure as it was summer vacation and I was spending it abroad but I learned how to manage my time, so I thank you for this opportunity.