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EducationUSA Academy Connects at UW-Madison provides international high school students the opportunity to explore life at a US university and prepare for the application process in an online environment. Using the university’s online tools, students will engage in activities and discussions with new friends from around the world! There will be two 2022 EducationUSA Academy Connects sessions available. The first session will be in March, focusing on college preparedness. The second session will be in the summer, focusing on STEM careers. Learn more about each session below.

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Get College Ready

The College Ready Skills program is a four-week online program for international high school students ages 15-18. This holistic program provides an all-around college readiness experience for research and a jump start in career exploration to prepare students for life success. Students will attend workshops on three subject areas: Intro to Research Skills, Writing Your College Essay, and Analytical Reasoning. Each workshop will help you hone the skills you will need for college success, learn different aspects of college academics, and enable you to use your time in high school to prepare for college life.

Prepare for the U.S. higher education system

  • Learn how to break down a problem’s data into tasks for computer programming and collaborative work.
  • Build your college application with essays and personal statements.
  • Examine human reasoning, how to identify instances of good and poor reasoning, and learn how to improve one’s own reasoning.
  • Improve English language confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Dates: March 4-March 25, 2022

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $450

Registration Deadline: March 3, 2022

Sample Schedule




Introduction to Research Skills Workshop

March 4

5:30-7:00 PM CST

College Writing Workshop

March 11

5:3-7:00 PM CST

Critical Reasoning Workshop

March 18 5:30-7:00 PM CST

Academic English

March 4, 11, 18, 25

7-8 PM CST

College Preparation Session, Admissions Information Session & Virtual University Tours

March 4, 11, 18

8-8:30 PM CST

Closing Reception

March 25

8-8:30 PM CST

*All synchronous courses will be taught in Central Standard Time (CST). The program includes three hours per week of synchronous learning, for a total of 12 synchronous hours. There are six to eight hours of asynchronous learning included in the program. The program offers a total of 18-20 hours of learning over four weeks.

STEM Exploration

High school students will be taken on a journey of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) as they chart their own educational and career pathways to become the STEM superstars of the future. Students will investigate their own interests, values, and skills through interactive activities, as well as explore the dynamic world of STEM careers and trends. They will learn about accomplished scientists’ and professionals’ success stories, and become acquainted with the many ways to navigate STEM at UW-Madison. This course will also include talks with UW-Madison STEM experts.

Build an understanding of STEM Opportunities

  • Understand how your interests, values, and skills connect to potential STEM careers.
  • Hear STEM professionals success stories.
  • Know how to navigate STEM opportunities at UW-Madison.
  • Connect with UW-Madison students and staff
  • Interact with peers in exciting games and activities

Dates: June 28-July 28, 2022

Duration: 5 weeks

Cost: $450

Registration Deadline: June 15, 2022





STEM Course Sessions June 28, 30 & July 5, 7, 12, 14 5-6 PM CST
Myths and misconceptions about STEM Workshop July 19, 26 6-6:30 PM CST
English Speaking & Writing June 28 & July 5, 19 6-6:30 PM CST
UW-Madison Admissions Presentation July 7 6-6:30 PM CST
Admissions Information Sessions & Virtual University Tours June 30 & July 12, 21 6-6:30 PM CST
Student Panel July 14 6-6:30 PM CST
UW STEM Professional Guest Speakers July 21 5-6 PM CST
Final Presentations & Closing Reception July 28 5-6:30 PM CST
All synchronous courses will be taught in Central Standard Time (CST). The program includes three hours per week of synchronous learning, for a total of 15 synchronous hours. There are eight to ten hours of asynchronous learning included in the program. The program offers a total of 23-25 hours over five weeks.

Grigory, from Armenia

Joyce, from Brazil

“I had so much fun talking with native speakers and people from different countries. I also liked the way the instructor taught us, especially by discussing points from the article and letting me express my own opinions.”

—Virtual Student Participant, Guadalajara, Mexico

Fundraising Options

Check out our fundraising page and video for tips on how to fundraise for the program.