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This three-week, immersive program invites all international students seeking a higher education experiential learning opportunity. Students will experience college life as a student on UW-Madison’s extensive campus. The program offers interactive workshops and presentations in sustainability, college preparation, admissions, financial aid, leadership, and development. Students will participate in excursions and community outreach activities that sample the culture, traditions, and values of the Midwest. After completing this program, participants will have finished an exceptional educational program with all the benefits of studying abroad that will prepare them for their future endeavors in higher education learning.

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This year UW-Madison is excited to announce the theme, Innovating Solutions for a Sustainable Future. Students will discover concepts of sustainability and environmentalism as they relate to different majors and subsequent careers here on campus. The program will take a holistic approach at understanding sustainability through the lenses of science and technology, history and humanities, and business and entrepreneurship. In this approach, students will be encouraged to develop their passions into paths in higher education. After finishing the program, students will be better equipped to understand how changes to their own habits and the choices they make may be used to imagine solutions to create a better, more sustainable future. 

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Who: International high school students
When: July 1 – July 22, 2023
Where: Madison, Wisconsin
Tuition: $4900

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“What I have experienced here will help me make better decisions in the future. I’m able to see the world from a different perspective.”
—Otoniel, Nicaragua


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