Safety and Health

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently ranked Madison as the fourth safest city in America, and both the city and the university are strongly committed to safety.  University Police officers make frequent visits to the residence halls and other campus buildings; they are a friendly and welcome presence.

UHS worker on phone

University Health Services

  • University Health Services (UHS) provides 24/7 Nurse Coverage for participants located near their residence hall.
  • Students are able to visit the clinic at any hour during the program for any physical or mental health issues.
  • For the last three years, UW-Madison’s UHS was recognized as the best college health service in the United States.
UW-Madison police department holds a celebration for police dog Maya's second birthday

Precollege Safety

  • All residence hall exterior doors contain an electronic locking system, and the buildings are monitored by security cameras.
  • EducationUSA Academy students will have 24/7 access to counselors who live in residence calls and walk students to their events and activities on campus.
  • UW-Madison also provides “Safe Walk”, a free service where any students leaving the dorms in the evening can be escorted by “Safe Walk” staff who will pick them up and walk with them to their final destination.

“I never thought people here would be so helpful, sociable and open….(T)hey have always helped with the language, anything we needed. People here are also very polite – they always say sorry and thank you!”

-Elena, Spain

Communicable Disease Policy

Per the Badger Precollege Communicable Disease policy, all international students will need to submit the name and contact information for a chaperone, guardian, or U.S. contact that will reside in the United States for at least the duration of the program. There are three options to do so:

  • International students coming via group partnerships must come with chaperones. This chaperone must collect them within 24 hours in case of emergency.
  • International students who are already studying at U.S. high schools must be able to provide a U.S contact/guardian for emergencies who will collect them within 24 hours in case of emergency.
  • International students who reside outside of the U.S. and are only coming for our program must be able to provide a U.S. contact/guardian who will collect them within 24 hours in case of emergency.

For more information on our health and communicable disease policy, please visit the Badger Precollege resources page.

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