Academy Alumni Experience

Experiences from 2023 Program Participants

“Come with an open mind to connect with people and have fun — because it is fun.”

– Thor, Iceland

“It will probably be the best experience of your life.”

– Olivia, Brazil

“I loved the landscapes and the farms and all the space”

– Daniela, Costa Rica

“Maybe the most impactful thing I learned from EducationUSA is that we should get out of our comfort zone more often and have amazing experiences.”

– Aurora, Italy

“I think this was a great experience. And I feel like a Badger now.”

– Pablo, Mexico

2019 Program Reflections

Hear from 2019 Participants

As part of their program, participants created podcasts about their UW-Madison experience.

Photo of Cristian, Yinare, and Lawrence

Cristian, Yinare, and Lawrence

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